Research and Design

Our crew who have been serving many firms for years with their industrial experiences and accomplishments in designs guide you through every process from designing the product to manufacturing and shipping it. We find the most innovative and permanent by using the necessary researches and developments with needs analysis. You can create your dream product from the start or generate the most innovative solutions to the hardest problems of your customers by using our past production capabilities.

Raw Materials and Manufacturing

We explore, find, buy and process the best leathers in the world. This helps us present incredible alternatives to you about the quality and the category of any product you'd like. Our leathers that are mostly from Turkey and Italy meet their customers in the best brands in the world. We obtain amazing products that differ us from our rivals by fusing the most useful leathers with the best worksmanship.


Cutting and Sewing 

In our factory, in which we can easily serve designers, big and small businesses and local or global companies that have a high profile customer portfolio, we cut and sew with high quality through every stage until we reach from the basis to the last user. We create a difference in cutting and sewing by fusing 100% real leather with the best craftsmanship.

Logistics and Global Distribution 

With the full service policy that we provide, we present our partners logistics and distribution services in the fastest, most reliable and a scalable way in anywhere of the world. With our work model that we edit its every stage from manufacturing to shipping with precision, we can reach your product immidiately and help you meet your customer without wasting time. We realise how important fast manufacturing and distribution for you. Because of that we pay special attention to logistics and distribution in our units.